Republic of Tex

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'll give a free slice of gum to the first person to figure out my Acronym.

I'm still in a sulky mood. I didn't get to go see star wars yesterday, which was my original point of sulkitude. Then I can't go see my Friend N---- tonight. That's number two. And then I found out that I'm not features editor. Number three.

So all my bad things are done for a while, and everything should come up Tex in the near future. Project 'Loo is still a go. I'll be moving in between sunday and tuesday. Anyone care to help? There may be beers involved. I can't wait to get there. I really need out of this place, I need to be back with my people! Not that people around here aren't my people. But I have a friend who always starts an arguement and gets pissy when I try to end them. I got one Who's not even in the province anymore, and the other one, My Best, has a conflicting work schedule to mine. My people in Waterloo are always ripe for the hanging. And if they aren't, I can always hop a bus to somewhere there is. And hopefully coming soon, hop a bike to where there is! (need to buy/acquire one legally first. *shifty eyes* Je quiero ein Jitensha desu Yeah!

I'm still amazed my creative spark is gone. I've not been able to write fiction for months. The well seems to have run dry... Or perhaps the bucket was stolen. In any case, my resolve to finish NaNo this year will come to fruition! How can I be so Confident? I finished 24 Hour Comics, whereas two professionals didn't. The put up noble efforts, and their comics were most definitely more Aesthetically pleasing than mine, although I did have an infantessimal part in one of their comics, whilst he had a large part in mine! Oh, Man.

Next on the Agenda, My bet with Margie, which we had people witness. That bet:
"I'll bet you can't go one month without buying any magic Cards."
After making sure that loophole were covered, making my job harder (because I enjoy the challenge!) And mentioning that I had Cards on the way, that I had not yet received and that I DID pay for them! We agreed that no cards, be it in singles or pack form, through offical or non-official retailers, shall be bought by me. That bet was made last tuesday night, and a week later I'm still going strong! That Five Bucks will be mine! If there is anything I forgot here please post it in a comment, Ms. Mansell!

It also seems my music taste has come into question as of late... My Penchant for Japanese Sugar Pop Music seems wierd to some people. To those doubt my eccleticity, please find a copy of my winamp list here. While right now I've queued up just under 29 songs that are Japanese, I still like to endulge myself in other music.

I find myself Jobless right now as I enter the wonderful world of living on my own. I may have a job at the bell world in Fairview, or at the place where Mark works. I think I'd be good at either job. One of my Co-Workers said about me last night, "One thing you can do, is talk". Now if you didn't know the context of this, you may find it insulting, or just rude. But I found it to be a compliment! especially given the situation, highly personal... but volatile.

For those of you who care, I've created a Spreadsheet (more like copy and pasted) of a checklist from The Kamigawa block to keep track of my inventory. I plan on selling surplus cards to make money. I don't know if it'll work, but here's hoping!

I suppose I've said enough for now... Happy hump day all, and I'll see you here next week!

Friday, May 06, 2005

News post! Also available on LJ!

Yeah, Internet Service Provider. Sympatico can make like the State of Minnesota.
Not that I have anything against the state or it's people. Anyhow, I'm More limited now than when I was on ResNet!

In Bigger and Better news. I'm moving back to Waterloo, end of the month. I should prolly give my Notice at Timmies eh?

In other other news: I took the 24 hour comics Challenge and embarrassed my self in front of two local famous artists, and accidently humiliated (Or did I? Dave (okum) you Tell me) One of them in my comic. Scott McCloud should Die and Spin rapidly within his Fresh Grave when he see's my crappy comic, that I am none the Less Selling! Uh I need to recover costs from making it (i.e. Stikfas, Batteries, Cab Fare, Printing costs, Caffeine Drinks etc.) So I'm thinking 4 dollars an Issue! I guess A fifty issue Run? $200. I'll make them limited edition and sign them all! I just hope the good people at (Bany J. Co) don't sue my ass! I'm going to Talk to Jay about selling them for me. He's a good guy! If the First run goes well, I'll make more! :D

Anything else to report? Nope not really!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

What to do....

Tomorrow is the weigh-in for the One-tonne challenge! I'm anxious to see how much I'm weighing in at. I'm still sure it's over 300 but lower than 350. If it's over 250, I'm going to cry. I need to find shorts to wear, so that may mean a trip to a big and tall Men's store. or Zellers. or Wal-mart. Anyone know where to find some good training shorts? Yeah, didn't think so. I might check out Gus Maue, or Runner's choice. It's funny. The people that need exercise the most have no ways of finding a good pair of shorts, while the people who need the exercise least, can find them in what ever style they want.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Behind the writer's mind

As you may or may not have heard through the IRM, I, Texas Jake Fakenamerson, have left imprint for a little bit. This is mostly due to some thinking. I'm not going to let you in on that thinking because if you know me well enough, you know my reasons. I will be back in the fall term. or possibly summer. If I live with my brother in the summer, I'm going to see if I can get my G2, then maybe I can drive up once a week. Do some proofreading, and maybe even write a little bit. I'm looking forward to this term getting doner and over with. I may end up on the dean's vacation, but at least I'll have had 8 months to work, get out of debt, maybe get some teaching experience at both the primary and secondary levels. This may convince them I want to exceed at the post secondary level. I'm really looking forward working at Tim horton's again. I'm hoping David is still working there come April! He's the best team mate I've ever had. Especially with Jenn or Rachel. I hope he's become either a supervisor or Baker by now. Well, I'm done for now. Anyone want to watch NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind with me? Let me know!